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Cambodia or Khmer is the native language of some 14,600,000 persons living in Cambodia, South Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos.  Khmer is a member of the Mon-Khmer family of languages, which extends from India to the South China Sea.

Since at least the first Century of the Christian era the Khmer people in what is today Cambodia have been subjected to the influence of Indian culture.  This influence can be seen very clearly in the Khmer art, religion, philosophy, and especially in the Khmer language.  Two distinct Indo-European linguistic influences have modified and augmented the Khmer lexicon.  The first of these, associated with the spread of the Brahman and Mahayana Buddhist religions, was Sanskrit.  The second, associated with Hinayana Buddhism, was Pali, from which extensive borrowing was made starting in about the 15th century.  To a much lesser extend Khmer has borrowed from Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Lao, and French.  The Thai borrowings were often in the courtly or administrative spheres, and the Chinese were mainly terms associated with cooking or business.  Most of the words borrowed from French related to modern industrial technology and science.

Khmer is written in a traditional script which was developed sometime prior to the 6th century A.D. From the ancient Pali script.  Modern Khmer utilizes an alphabet which consist of 33 basic consonant symbols and 12 independent vowel symbols.  In addition there are 24 vowel symbols and 32(subsript) consonant symbols which can be used only in combination with the various basic symbols. 

But all and all Khmer language is EASY to learn, once you become familiar with the alphabeth everything will come in place.

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